Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is in a dream to D. Peck, both of which demonstrates the faith and justice to say. And demonstrates the elimination of religion and fulfill the vow. And the balance of work on the D engineer and construction. D. mill and the balance of the man of Galilee in the same modest in ambition and his words and his movement. And the balance of bone Born mute or time. And the balance of musk warning of negligence and made ​​vows to the soul. The balance reflects the judge, and the balance he heard the judge, who reversed cymbals like they get separation of the judiciary.
government balance is of the opinion came down to him from heaven, it demanded the right. It was keystones of jurisprudence the judge, it was adequately satisfy the judge fully in the literature, although the few incomplete, the judge is unable to govern, and the column of the balance of the same judge, and screw his mandate, and thread and string his aides and agents, and the tongue to tongue, and your phone heard, it was Ulkiptan pierced judge Erecha.
and saw that it was money, it weighs hear perjury and spend it.
It is believed that the government balance it with his hand on the year. And the balance of the resurrection demonstrates the emergence of the sacraments, and the argument and the joy and pleasure, victory over enemies, justice and equity. And the balance at all D. both a role model and guiding for him as the world and the Sultan and the Koran, and perhaps indicates that the tongue of its owner. And the balance of Allafan stockist house money.



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