Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream negligence.
and saw that it was asleep or he wants to sleep, this indicates that unemployment, which is bad for all people except those who were in fear, or expected severity or suffering is located.
It felt that he was sleeping in a cemetery or at the grave, this indicates On the death of the patient and the true unemployment. And sleep proof of negligence and disabled benefits from what Allah has enjoined on man doing of righteousness.
and perhaps Del sleep on the travel of accepted to employers obedience and diligence, and to abandon the world and the celebration Bzentha. The people saw sleeping in a dream indicates that death in general, or expensive prices.
and saw that it was sleeping on his back unable to lower it, and suggesting to go to sleep on the concern. And sleep on the face of no praise, which indicates the removal of the governors, and others on the lack and poverty. And sleep for women bachelorette marriage. And it was said to go to sleep sin, because the angels flying pens for sleeping. It was Sleep Sugar covers the mind, or disease.
and saw that it was asleep and was afraid it safe. It was sleep indicates negligence interests. And sleep on your back and deflect shame and death, and perhaps indicated by the vacuum business. And sleep on the news side or illness or death.
It is considered that slept under the trees, many many descendants. And sleeping on the belly fingernail land, money and the child.




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