Bgat birds


Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


 Bgat birds

Is despicable of birds, and seeing him in a dream indicates people who do not benefit them nor creative in them. Albgat and see this show to play and play and the joys and delights, and victory over enemies. And see the heads of the Sultanate of birds in a dream of evil and moodiness and Mgarm. And see what a person shall seek evidence of the spouses and children, and see what is not Yanes Baladama antibody evidence of cohabitation and Persians. Alcasr and see evidence of the monsters and the air.And see the glory and Garah Sultan and the benefits and livelihoods. And eaten his flesh see the benefit of easy. And see the birds of the masculine and feminine men males women. Strangers and the unknown people, and see what is good and evil after the intensity of Faraj, or pleased after hardship. And see what appears in the night and day, evidence of the courage and high demand. And see what appears in the night and live in the daytime indicate protection. And see what is evil no good shows on the enemies. And what is good without evil shows his vision of security from fear, I’m living. And see what appears in the fire at night and live show on the pension of the various business and spying on the news. And see no value in awakening if they have any value in a dream indicates the hypocrisy and consuming wealth unlawfully and vice versa. And see what does not fly if flying in a dream indicates to repeal the Covenant and debauchery and vice versa and see what appears in the time without the time, it had appeared in other early was a sign to put things out of place or different enemies and weird news, and to engage in what does not mean that human .And see the resident in the water The people earn it, or the people of devout and pure, and entirely in the words of this bird – it is measured unless -.



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