Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of a dream that he saw in the dead were buried, it travels away travel can not find money.
It felt that he was buried in the tomb is that of the die, which is known to bury it Abdah injustice or oppression or imprisonment, and if he sees that he died in the grave after that it dies in the That concern, though not dead, it escapes from the worry and injustice and imprisonment. Saw that it was the safest to the grave pit it betray him into destruction. Placed in the grave, it receives a home. Only upon the soil as much as it received the money. And said, burying the corrupted religion, but to come out of his grave after the burial, the inductive by the dust and shook hands, it is impossible to repentance. It is buried in a dream after sunrise or at noon or at the time indicated by Morocco on the evils and it is forbidden to known. The burial of the neighborhood it is cunning and deception, and perhaps indicates the richness buried after a paragraph, and after Tzuge Azewh, and forget after hearts. Dead and buried the neighborhood shows typically take religion for what it is. Dead and buried the second in a dream what Igdhae excess of it from abuse. Dead and buried the dead and the union elite and affection between relatives and the burial may have been in prison or disease or were married or a deposit or subject, is of the opinion that he died or was buried and died on the non-repentance. The thought that went out from the grave, he repents. It was said that the burial indicates marriage.
It felt that he was buried is not death and imprisoned, it narrows it.




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