Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream Erazl people.
It felt that his rod he sat at meat which it had left of his life at least, and lacks and die poor, and reed man frugal has no religion and no fulfillment, and show to see sugar cane Persian metaphor, trials and hypocrisy in the works, and perhaps indicates that money vile and collected bile and evil. The cane became a silver or gold bars or factions, was proof positive to the good works of the Committee, and solutions in the palaces, and sit under the domes with a share in its pure couples. And reed people are hypocrites, and I heard his voice it is adversarial. And sugar cane demonstrates the livelihood tired, and perhaps indicated by the mob, and probably indicates that in the ratios of honor or good science Galilee.
del cane and perhaps if planted in the wrong place at the destruction of the place and if his family revealed. Indicate the salvation of his vision Makecra prisoner freeing the captives from Rabat, patient safety and raking the dead from their graves.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of cane

The cane he construed ways:

It is felt that with him Qbba it shows a lot for something a little tired.

The Almqsbh it devolves on the people as much as Dkhamthm magnitude. The sugar cane was made in his class and was replaced.

It felt: rod in his hand he sat at meat upon it has remained a few years old and have his death in poverty and the basic principle that if the hollow is not the survival of him and said to be evidence of defamation and was told that the work of the reeds of the machines, it devolves homeworkers.

The vision and the use of strings and reeds so they accrue homeworkers Vlienbar that thing.

It felt: Sale of the cane in place and has something Vlienbar that thing, if he likes what kind it is a good server and it meant, and what kind Vtobeirh hates him.

It felt: Qbba Mvlqa passage because of something that it is interpreted and similar money.

It felt: it garnered a bit of all of these types or her own good and it is not interpreted to him in a denial or hatred for the benefits


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