Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Salah is in a dream in religion. The saw grass grows on the back of his hand it dies, and growing cannabis at his grave. The saw grass grows out of place and home Kalmsadjad, it shows affinity. It is nourished by a rich and won the cannabis good.And if the lawn is in the hands of rich people in that year. And plant grass on the body to benefit rich, and grew with poem makrooh beat him, but be patient Fidel on his death. And hashish pension, and beasts and cattle as seed money minimum gain which every human being what section his Lord and make his living.
It felt like the lawn collections or eat, and if he is poor, it do without, although the rich richer, and that was an ascetic in the world wants it, he returned to it and was fascinated by the . And hashish permissible and livelihoods of malignant vile existence. Shows vision in a dream to Hashash relieve worries and Aloncad, perhaps indicated by the policeman. [See Prairie].


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