Chair vision of God


Interpretation of Al zahri


Chair vision of God

A flag in a dream, and was a perfect man is sane.

It felt: it was light and sparkling and prestige of His Majesty shall be a seer and Salah feared, though he saw one of the scientists in his right to be better than others, and up to Raiih better than the Sultan of the world or just working a lot and his money.

It felt: that Fidel Dd for a lack of things scientists and writers.

Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him: see the chair shall devolve on six aspects: justice and the good old state and the high command of God and wealth.

The chair is a woman-Najjar has written as much as that chair.

The chair and see good in any case unless it is denied in the canon, if it is not what it denies the right of the seer Bjeed either in religion or in the order requested from worldly matters.


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