Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Are in a dream woman or money or the world.
It felt that he made ​​channel or an action that he married himself, especially in his religion and worldly affairs. And channels servants or slaves or beasts.
and perhaps indicates the channel on the course of livelihood such as the Duty and the shop. It is a channel cut for planting or real estate known pieces from his family, though Mzoja divorced or annulled, or suspended and freed slave.
And view the channel in his home or his farm under way and was in distress Faraj Allah Almighty or got better. But felt the channel was blocked by the doctrines they spoil.
is of the opinion that he urinated in the channel is unknown, stained or impure came haraam or signed in trouble because of a server or a woman.
and perhaps indicates the channel on the churches. The canal has not been included in the water maker.



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