Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Breadth of the chest and classed in a dream guide to an unbeliever in Islam, which is to repent and Asi flowering of obedience and demonstrates the difficult to facilitate.Perhaps Del Hassan al-Sadr on altruism.
and perhaps what is indicated on the chest Ictmh of the money or the knowledge or guidance or misguidance. And chest guest or wife or office. Chest tightness and misguidance. The edematous saw that his chest tight bestowed in losing money. And it was said that the capacity of the generosity of the chest and narrow stinginess.
It felt that turning a stone chest, it would be callous. The capacity of the chest also showed the injustice, and chest where worry and joy, it is widely felt his chest and got pleasure, and saw a narrow chest, narrow and they earned it. And it was said with a capacity of Islam and the narrowness of tyranny. If the infidel and the capacity of the chest, it delivers and won in his business.
It felt chest hurts and has sinned and was punished for his sin and told him that he is extravagant in his obedience to God. And if he saw the man in the chest, it Nhdan marry if single, or that he loves his Vivtdh.



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