Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is good news in a dream. And cliques in a dream for those who are aware of reputation, though it is the pipes, it means a human being. And it was said of flute flute in his hand saw, and put his fingers on the flute outlets, it learns the Quran and knows what he reads.
It felt that I won the woodwind instrument from the power of the Emirate, and escape from temptation, and received a pious and isolation from people.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of cliques

 The cliques and it kind of drum and its expression as an expression of the drum, but the increase is the sound good.

And the vision of cliques construed aspects :

See troops saw it in a place where patients interpret it Actinah it .

 It felt: king gave him a woodwind instrument receives it with joy and gladness, but of the people of the state it is meted out.

 It felt: that pipes and puts his fingers on the Piper hole, it learns the Quran and its meaning and magic of reading.

 It felt: it is construed patients pipes near him.

 It felt: it hits the trumpet Fidel to say a lie and to swear, he makes it to believe it and end it shows the sincerity of a lie.

And the vision of blowing the trumpet shall devolve on six aspects: the invaders because of Himha, was mentioned in the books of jurisprudence if the horn is a year travel to the Hijaz for the war or to leave it by the passenger and the military command and show Maktoum and famous and saying false and calamity .


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