Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is the rope in a dream and the Charter. And the rope from the sky is the Quran. And the rope of pride, prestige or deceit and trickery, and magic shows. The cord is a religion, it is felt that holding a rope is Mutasim faith in God Almighty, the cord was from Lev is a rough, though the rope from the skin is a man of blood, though the rope of wool is the religion of Islam, saw that it was twisting a rope it travels , the twist and make it in the neck of one of the people it shows the husband, is the Wah himself took over the state of travel, if the rope of hair or wool, it is the state religion, trade, and if he sees that he pluck his beard and wicking strand takes a bribe from false testimony. And it was said of the saw rope traveled a long journey. Cord and reason.Although the cord in the neck or on his shoulder or his back or in the middle of it happening in the reign of his neck, and the Charter of either marriage, or a document or a vow or a religion or a company or trust. It is a rope or twine for Wah on a stick or other it travels. The evidence and the conclusion of twisting things to their marriage.
It felt a rope on a stick is proof of the corrupt action of the magic and so on.


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