crossing dreams


Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


crossing dreams

His vision in a dream show for people with grief on the joys, the joys and sorrows with.It was hoped an announcement came away from the Messenger.
and perhaps see it shown on the flag symbols and decryption problems, and legal matters to the world, and perhaps indicated by the mentor to his companion Almhafq it, and perhaps indicates that that does not conceal his secret. The passage indicates that the ruler and the jurist and the physician, and perhaps indicates that the mosque and the reader Koran because it is a missionary and Warner, perhaps indicated by the Al-Wazzan and both treated the balance as an entrepreneur caliber, banker and Kassar and Algsal and barber and perhaps indicated by the reader wrote letters, it has become a transit and was a student of science and the Koran to save it, and that he wanted obtained by writing. Some of them said a man crossing required setbacks of the people.


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