Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Accessories is the eye. The brow of the man it called good and beauty, and his relevance in religion, and its secretariat and status, and is located on the interpretation of the eyebrows of the goodness of what he sees or corruption. If the eyebrows are hair Kthefa columns in order to understand that women Asudn Hawwajbehn request for decoration. And eyebrows are parents or sons or partners or wives or two deputies, the person sees his eyebrows may Aqturna, indicates that the intimacy, love, and vice versa. And the abundance of her hair and Asaudadahma evidence of the well-being of the De it. Nzulhma on the eye and evidence of change if it is born De or wife or partner or owner. Perhaps this indicates that the longevity even sees himself as well. And eyebrows to indicate rank in the religion.
and perhaps to save Del brow of the eye is indicated by the Kaluwali and guardian and husband. An arc of arrows cantho beautiful eyes.




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