Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of the opinion that he received the note of the lame and in-depth understanding and in religion. And the lame shows on travel.
It felt that his right leg topped or broken or Ankhalat, and was out injured, the son gets sick, but felt in his left leg and had a girl engaged, though not his girl was born a girl, but broke his leg and wants to travel do not depart , although the Ankhalat his wife sick. The longer one leg over the other is not long until his death.
and saw that it was lame or seat, or heavy legs, or that crawl crawling ability twice what it asks.
and perhaps Del lame an increase in age, religion and science. The alliance it right Para says {nor} lame critical . If he saw a man walking one has put one over the other half survived his money. The lame excuse, and the appearance of fraud and intrigue.


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