Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is born in a dream or a pair if the confusion, though the gap Juma’aa without wife or husband is not born between them. Indicates the lamp on the flag and to repent of Asi and guidance of the infidel. The lamp may have been a conduit for a vision or a guide to the convoy, which they guided them in the darkness. The lamp was born to him splendor and sublimity and a male and a reputation and benefit. And it was said that the jellyfish in the mosques are the scholars and the rich owners and pious readings.
It felt mosque lamp has extinguished the world died of the mosque. Lamp and a woman and children of Wick. And express jellyfish stars. And breaking lamps and rescued the death of the patient. Even though they use people from the sky, it takes the stars from the mosque lamps.


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