Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Aoun is a man in a dream. The best of the lower level. And lips Tqoman serves women and children and kinship.
It felt Hmaz lip cut it. It still continues to grace the upper lip, but still his wife, the lower die or divorce her. And the lip collected lips are show to recover from with things.
and perhaps indicates the lips of the veil and boys, and the guards, doors and locks.
and perhaps indicates the lips on the knowledge and guidance, food, joy and sorrow and concealment of secrets.
and perhaps indicates the lips on the lives of Elzimarin and Albwaqan maker and bottles and likeness of workers blowing. Paper lips and Ahmrarha evidence of eloquence and guidance, and Glzama evidence of dullness, and perhaps Del Soadahma Zarkthma of the patient or on his death because the signs of death.
lips and perhaps indicated in their application on the eyelids, or the edges of the river and the well.


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