Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In a dream is the subject of courage. It is felt that a large liver Rahim brave it.
It is believed that the liver may be injured appears buried his money. Liver and the subject of anger and compassion. It is considered the liver and saw his face where it dies.
It felt that eats human liver, it affects the money Mdkhra and eat it. If the Okpada many treasures are open to him, as well as the livers of sheep, cattle and others. And liver show boys and life. And liver fat if it is money from the women, and eat the liver and the benefit gained strength from his son.
It felt hurt him have abused his liver to his son or beloved or bestowed upon them.Ulcers on the liver and debauchery. It cut his liver died. Cook the liver and the King and Prince.
and perhaps Del exit the liver from the stomach of the injustice, not Mahmoud. Liver and capital void.
and saw that it was eating his liver, it affects the money and eat, or eat of his son’s wealth.


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