Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Money is in a dream for those who eat it or Hawwah, droop and eaten his flesh of bird it is haraam, and manure, which is fit for the ignition of income especially if dried. And the large number of people droop indicate obstruction of the movements. And blotchiness people Bzbil illness or fear, which is a good sign for those who were ugly deeds. Cow and droop a good sign for farmers and not others. The garbage is a good sign in a dream for the poor because they are a group of many things and waste, and evil for the rich.
and possibly shown to carry the wife, or frequent money. The Scavenger is a man in a dream to see the show deprived tired himself in the comfort of others.
and perhaps see it shown on the speed of the rich and the speed of poverty.Scavenger man and many a combination of money.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Manure: (Dung; Excrement) Manure represents money for one who eats it, or for one who collects it in his house or in a barn in his dream. Any animal excrements that are used to fertilize the soil, or if they are used as fuel represent profits when seen in a dream and particularly dried dung. Pigeons’ droppings, or the refuse of any type of fowl in a dream represent unlawful money. Cow dung in a dream is a sign of prosperity and a good harvest for farmers only. (Also see Droppings; Dung)


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