Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If he saw the man in a dream that it will come taboo menstruating. The woman saw that she is menstruating it in guilt or confusion, the washed repented of sin and went concerned with. The saw so despaired of menstruation gave birth to a son of the verse {laughed Fbhernaha Isaac} , and laughter in the language menstruation, is it considered menstrual vaginal bleeding they are in sin, and want to get rid of it, and preparing her salvation, because it has become of course, have, do not be able to leave it until after the effort, the Tabet, they do not prove to repentance, and also that her husband had intercourse with her ​​when she is menstruating she graduated from her and her husband. It was said that if he saw the man that he is lying menstruating.His wife, but felt it his zippered menstruating. It was menstruation cupping or venesection. It was menstruation devil, and saw a demon saw menstruation. And lack of menstruation in religion and in fasting and prayer. It was menstruation disease.The desperate single women of the period if it considers istihaadah in a dream indicates that the pair. Though menstruate indicates that the bleeding. Incontinence as well as if he saw a man in a dream. Perhaps Del menstruation and istihaadah the bile and discord between the couple. Perhaps Del sterile menstrual cycles to conceive boys. Menstruation and the birth of the holder of the boy. The man saw that intercourse with a menstruating woman and money is permissible for him having intercourse with him.
and saw his wife She got her period not sell its industry.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See menstruation

With regard to menstruation, it is believed that his wife is menstruating she is worldly matters Taataouk him though his wife was valid, it boggled in his religion and that the woman saw that she is menstruating, it gets its money as far as menstruation, although sterile, they give birth and that she is elderly is indicated by expiry of the term, although she was a child is indicated by the disappearance of her virginity It is believed that a menstruating woman, whether man or woman of menstruation and wash his clothes and wear it testifies to the success of his religion and worldly affairs, and saw that it was having intercourse with a woman is menstruating and therefore a stream of money for

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of menstruation

Which is on aspects of:

Had it considered that this indicates that the corruption of religion and commit forbidden .

It felt: that his wife had her period begins, the worldly matters Taataouk him, but his wife was valid, it boggled in his religion.

The menstruating woman saw it, it gets its money as far as menstruation .

It felt: he was menstruating, whether man or woman of menstruation and wash his clothes and wear it testifies to the success of his religion and worldly affairs.

It felt: it is intercourse with a woman is menstruating and therefore the flow Mnyha get money, and said if a woman sees her period begins, and it was sterile from birth control they give birth to the verse, “laughed Fbhernaha Isaac,” laughter here and wanted to menstruation. It was the vision of menstruation indicates lying for saying peace be upon him talking, which is indicated by the.

If she saw the old woman’s period starts, it shows the expiry of the term .

If she is menstruating she saw the girl, it indicates the removal of her virginity. It was a vision of man and menstrual small construed to death, and menstruation may indicate a vision of the girl to marry .


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