Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a busy man in a dream Bmmermh himself and worldly affairs. And the vision of the miller to himself that he shall indicate the hoard itself. Felt that the grinding as much as the living as much as is sufficient enough. If the miller shall be a young man living by helping the enemy, though an old man living by the help of his friend. And the miller man incites people to live, and show seen on the bile and strife. Miller and saffron show seen on the diseases and disclosure of secrets, and studied science and repeated. And grain miller show his vision of the disappearance of worries and bile, as well as Miller Sudd.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Miller: (Flour; Moving around in a circle) In a dream, a miller represents a selfish person who is particularly interested in acquiring worldly gains and at what-ever price it may cost. If one sees an old man being a miller in a dream, the old man here represents his grandfather, or one’s bosom friend and consequently one will prosper and become extremely wealthy from his business. If the miller is a young and a strong man in the dream, then he represents a strong helper. A bakery miller in a dream means that one will attain his own goals through hard work. If one sees himself grinding a sufficient quantity of wheat for two, three, or four people in a dream, it means that he labors for his own need and can barely provide for his family. If the miller is a young man who has gray hair in the dream, then he represents both prosperity and strength. Seeing a miller in a dream also means adversities, fights, a spendthrift, usury, or a hard working guardian. Grinding other grains in a dream means dispelling distress and bitterness from one’s heart. (Also see Saffron)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the miller

Miller and interpreted in a man who gets tired and gets his living as a result of the people.


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