See camels


meanings by Al ahsaai


 See camels

The camel, it is felt that riding a camel is unknown, it will travel soon and was of the opinion that riding a camel, it affects the authority, and the patients died and that she saw a woman who has no husband she married but her husband was traveling by foot it is of the opinion that he got off his camel he fall ill, the disease is of the opinion that he is fighting a camel, it contests the enemy as much as it was said he died some of his relatives but saw that it was invincible camel it invincible enemy to him and saw the door of his home a camel atmosphere If the patient is a coffin and saw that it was entering sentences from the subject of a narrow and was not able to enter it it the heresy is of the opinion nothing brings to us in the mosque or the feast given or kindergarten, they year fertilized is of the opinion that some people Akaroa camel he sent down upon them the scourge of the sky Pfgeorhm may be a camel in the interpretation of a woman, it is felt that hit nothing or knees he marry a woman Najeeba but felt that Ehlebaha hit the money from a woman It felt that eat the flesh of camels or camel of it fall ill, the disease is of the opinion that his camels a lot owned by it following the mandate of the people that saw that it was Ehlebaha hit the money from Sultan, then if what milking blood is haraam money or honey is old and saw the camels entered the village or land and camels, it enters an unknown enemy that position or a flood or disease, and saw a camel or other Tith and the afflicted and the severity of fear and shame but felt it hit the skins of camels, it affects the money


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