See the cow


Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Shows a cow in a dream of years, black or yellow Valbaqrh year in which pleasure and fertility, and cow’s forelock in intensity in the first year, and at her side Albelkh intensity in the middle of the year, and Albelkh Aajazha in intensity in the last year, and beef fat. Years of fertility, and cow’s meager years of drought and sterility. And eat beef in a dream to benefit old capital in the year. It was said that the elevation of the cow, money and fertile. If the cow fat it is a woman of devout, though with a centuries it a woman with invincibility and recalcitrance, although the cow dairy they are beneficial and good, the wanted milking she refuses Baqrnha, they prevent him and Tncz him, if he sees other Ehlebaha did not prevent him, the ureter betrays him in his wife, the thought that the cow Anhlapt and lost, his wife, the corrupt. Tripe and cow money and livelihood. And if he sees his cow is pregnant with his wife. And if he sees that he bought it receives the state full of Korh. Saw in the house cow milk sucking calf woman, they conspire to her daughter. And if he sees his master a slave milking a cow, it marries a woman his master.
It felt as if he found a cow, it receives workmanship from an honest man, though he married single woman blessed.
It felt that it gave him a cow’s milk it receives a righteous woman, Halima, dishonest, or affects the authority or state.
and saw that it was riding a cow known it receives sang, and escapes from worry and distress.
It is believed that the cow entered his home and Ntahth Baqrunha it receives a loss not safe from his family and relatives.
It felt a century bull or cow, it receives money, great, and has become invaluable, Worth male and valid among the people.
It felt as if in a dream, hits a bull or a cow Bkhcbh when it has committed many sins which God Almighty, also said that he saw Edhma.
It felt as if a bull or cow disease Khaddsth it receives as much as scratching. Even saw a bull or a cow jump one by Vstnalh severity and death and fear him of murder.
and saw a bull fell upon it dies in that year.
It felt as if he rode a cow is black, or entered the house, and linked where it affects the pleasure and good, and goes with him sorrow and distress, sadness and loneliness . And a cow in a vision, a good sign for all, if they saw Mostagmah indicate the disorder, and raising the voice indicates that people with no known literature. And Musluch of cow disaster in relatives, and a half Musluch calamity in a sister or a girl.The entry of cow city, some of which were followed by another, and the number concept is years of intervention, it was fat it is prosperous, but Aajafa the intensity, but differed in that it was made ​​of fat provides prosperity, albeit poorly applied stress, and brought together or have been mixed, and was in the city, sea, and then time travel provided vessels on the number and the same, otherwise the temptation within tandem like the faces of cows, but all be yellow, it disease intervention on people, but of different colors, or the people were averse to them, or The fire and smoke coming out of their mouths and noses, they raid the military and the enemy or come down on them, and solve Bassaanhm. And a cow pregnant desired fertile years.
and saw that it was milking a cow and drink the milk sacked if he is poor, and the rose would Izz, though rich in increased wealth and dignity. And gave him a calf or a wheel hit a child.
and saw a group cows unknown not owners of it, turns or it goes, or entered a position or out of it, it was the color yellow or red no difference where, this disease lies in that position, although the colors different, they lean years.
is of the opinion that he has a cow fat it years fertile, though she was pregnant they told and more.
and saw that it was holding the cow Brnoha, or saw that it was owned by he marry a woman of good character and religion.
and saw that it was riding a cow is his wife die and inherit. And it was said that he marry or Atsry or inflicted by the rich as much as Smonha or Jvha.
is of the opinion that he gave a cow to the Sultan, it seeks a people to the Sultan, the accepted his gift was heard from the Sultan of them, but did not accept his gift delivered from it.
It is believed that eating beef or drink of her milk, it affects an increase in his wealth, and authority, and human nature in religion, though he was sick lips of God.
It felt that eating fat cattle it infects a rich and grace and good.
It felt that eating margarine cow it is an increase in the money.
It felt that it is given cow leather it takes money from the Sultan, or of a worker, the took him to leather fined money to the sultan.
and saw that it was infected cow leather or king, it affects a lot of money from the Sultan or an honest man.
and perhaps shown Cow Yellow on the evil and the bile because of inheritance. And the cow land of many blessings. Cow and see the children of Israel because of the temptation for those who murder its king, and saw that it was the slaughter of a cow from a monster to eat meat, it affects the money from a woman beautiful. NH affects money from a woman beautiful.

meanings by Al ahsaai


See the cow

The cow is of the view that riding a bull or his king and him his tool, it affects the act of the Sultan and a lot of money and the best bulls to ride what was black If it is yellow or red, and he does not have a tool Almarkob it is a disease of the rider and the best which is of the opinion that he has a bull butting and remove them from its position, it isolates If not for his work on Azelh misplaced it or hated bestowed isolates is of the opinion that a group of bulls or cows do not unidentified employers have approached or entered the place, or it goes out of it or the colors were zero, the diseases are located in that place that place but different colors it years fertilized as much fat from the Almhazal the cows fat years Mkhasib and Almhazal years Mjadib is of the opinion that he has a cow Brnoha he marry a woman of good character and religion is of the opinion that passengers cow is his wife die and inherit He was said to marry or Atsry or inflicted by the richness or poverty as Smonha or Jvha is of the opinion that eating beef or drinking from the milk, it affects an increase in his power, money and human nature in religion and that he was sick lips of God is of the opinion that eating fat cow affects the rich and the grace of beauty is of the opinion that eating margarine cow it is an increase in the money is better than margarine sheep


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