the cemetery


Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the cemetery

Search for it in a cemetery.

the cemetery

Vision in a dream, afraid of the security and fear of the safe.
and possibly shown on the cowardly fear and hope, and refer to the guidance after misguidance. And see the cemetery of people trap them and moodiness, and fear about the religion, and show its vision of the prison rude, and show the Hereafter.
and perhaps indicated by the Dar Al-Rabat and asceticism and worship and the abandonment of this world, crying, sermons and may indicate vision cowardly to die because they are home.
and may indicate the role of the winery, which where drunks struck down dead, and the heedless who do not pray and remember Allah Almighty.
and perhaps indicated by the prison because the dead prisoner in his grave, it entered the cemetery in a dream and was sick in the wake of so and died of his illness, it was when he entered it humble or, consequently, the book of God Almighty or worshipers to kiss it Adakhl good people, but when entering or Baúla laughing or walking on the graves of the dead with it Adakhl people of evil and immorality and corruption of religion, and the preaching of their income adhan not learn a lesson and enjoining what is good. The cemetery is known right. And the cemetery in a dream, a function of the sermon, weeping, and the reverence and detachment from this world.
and perhaps indicated by the scholars and ascetics, princes and commanders of armies.
and perhaps shown graves of Islam on their tents. And the tomb of a function of the people of the Book of innovation and inattention, alcohol, adultery and immorality and infidelity and fear. Landfills and earning a function of ignorance and captivity after prize and Secrets Revealed.


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