the oven


Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the oven

Indicates the home oven or on the owner of the house servant. The oven indicates the market on the ruling house, and on the book, which the boys learn, and the prison, and needs to spend, and perhaps indicates that the benefits and livelihoods, and to heal diseases. And several machine oven and his soldiers and his or Sbaana hired to created. The oven indicates the place of living of the owner and profitable.Furnace and the unknown possibly indicated by the Dar Dar Sultan or ruler for the lighting of the fire.
and perhaps Del oven on the market. It is sent Bhnth or barley to the unknown and the oven was sick died, though not ill and Sultan was by ten or rent or fond of the rest of what led to it. [See enlightenment].


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