Vision canopies


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision canopies

The pavilions are the ways:

It is felt that it infects Sradega multiplied by the Sultan, but felt that it Salah Sultan has in his possession.

It felt: that Sradgah rolled up the old authority performs or implemented.

It felt: that the deployment of Sradgah to strike him, it interpreted the delay in obtaining Sultan.

The preacher Abu Said: Pavilion in the interpretation of Sultan if he saw the man as if Sradega hit it, it gains control of a discount Sultan.

In all, the vision Pavilion construed five aspects: the Sultanate and the presidency and the mandate of the Ministry and the Presidency of the army.

It felt: that the King signed a marquee it the demise of his kingdom and burned, indicating his death, and the air is carried in glory and grace of the king in that other place where he is.

It felt: that the king out of Sradgah forcibly, it indicates the disappearance of his kingdom and his kingdom.


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