Vision cheetah


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision cheetah

 The Cheetah construed as aspects of it:

Ibn Sireen said: the vision of-Fahd enemy to him enmity the phenomenon of .

 It felt: he killed a leopard or eating of his flesh, it indicates to defeat the enemy and the enemy took the money by the meat, and was told is the response of the face and away from relatives and the best in it.

And the vision of the skin and hair and bone cheetah also construed obtaining money by the enemy .

 It felt: he rode a fierce one, it indicates to defeat the enemy and bullying him.

 It felt: he carried on his back or leopard on his neck it shows Mzlth of the enemy and be under his hand and under the infinite.

 It felt: that the leopard his lap and drive and his sense of his tongue or his lap and kissed him seer Faúl obtaining the enmity of the enemy and politeness between them.

 It felt: he eats food with Cheetah it for safety and security on the one hand and the benefit of the enemy.

 It felt: that the leopard bite wound or get it Bmakhlabh harm and enmity of the enemy by the wound.

 It felt: that in his home or his place Vhoda many and yelling in that place and it is harmful for the scourge and a great hardship on the one hand of the enemy.


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