Vision Khaimah


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Khaimah

The tent, it is felt that focus tent or erected to him and sat where, it was with a fork, it receives state money, though a merchant, it gets him from his money and prestige, though it is mentioned it is construed with grief and sorrow, though a violent cut Universal access and harmful to losing, and that the owner knew it interpreted to him.

And the vision of Sultan Al Khaimah to increase the mandate of the dealer and travel, and may indicate an infection is underway beautiful virgin to the verse, “Poplar Mqasrat in tents.”

It felt: a tent where the fire did not hit it Manath by which it is ill-construed guilty man repent of his sins, and enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

And the vision of Fustat show to visit the graves of the martyrs and pray for them, and perhaps a martyr out of this world, and perhaps livelihood visit Jerusalem.

It felt: Vstata multiplied by the Mvazh from the ground or in the Bakie or construed in kindergarten, it appears there is the grave of a martyr.


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