Vision of bran



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of bran

 The bran, it devolves Balahtiaj and drought and the few and narrow living, especially for those who were with him and eat them and hate to see some of them in terms of the sentence in any manner whatsoever.



Outline the vision of plant seeds

 Seed shall devolve on the ways:

They are money and women and children .

 It felt: he hit Bdhira of any kind was it construed these things mentioned by the Commission and the denominator. It was of the opinion that crushed seeds and the like in it Mehras marry a woman.

If the seeding of everything from food of any kind, whether of fruits or other than it is sweet and it is better for the benefit .

If he passed, which is disease and illness .

If the acid is what is disease and sickness .

If that is salty or tasteless it also .

If that can not be eaten, but its benefit in transplantation is the capital and grace .

If it is eaten and thus benefit from it and it is better for the benefit and blessing and profit and trade .

And the vision of the seeds of basil and the like shall devolve mind, distress, especially those who eat them .

And outline the vision of the seeds of plants devolve tired and exhausted because they do not only get this, as well as in transplanted and extract what is extracted from .


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