Vision of counseling




Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of counseling

The advice they trust.

It felt: that it Aotmanh consult anyone on the secretariat of the Prophet’s words of peace: a trusted adviser.

Vision wait

But wait, it is worried and distressed, it saw it as what he loves like there is nothing wrong.

But felt that what he dislikes Vdd.

It felt: it is expected it will be a long hope.

Vision of longing

The yearning, it shows the alienation, and perhaps indicated by the parting loved, and sang some of the poetry:

I am longing for your face that … it lights happiness Ronq

Vision of condolence

The consolation is security, it felt as if someone is infected attributed his wealth is like the security for saying peace be upon him: It is like the suffering attributed his reward and the reward of God appropriate security.

Is of the opinion: no one to comfort him that he receive the Gospel verse, “The human patient who, when afflicted with calamity, say: Allah and to Him we return.”

Vision of sponsorship

The recommendation oneself, they show a gain Mathm incredible verse, “There is Tzkoa yourselves know someone who fears.” It felt as if a young man pay zakaah Well it Mzma enemy, though he praised Sheikh Well, it affects males, though Sheikh unknown principality win because of him, and the recommendation Allekel Vvqr.

It felt: that endorsing bodies are regarded as one known as progress.


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