Vision of crying


Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of crying

The cry, cry, it is felt that without screaming it Faraj who are distressed.

It felt: that cry is screaming for a disaster to the people of that place.

It felt: that the tears in his eyes without crying, it gains control Bmradh.

It felt: that he did not cry out of the water is not the same Mahmoud, and the place was tears of blood it shows remorse for it is too late and repent, and cry was the apple of an eye.

It felt: like a human cry to know, has died, and with tears ways as he sees it is located in the heel of a disaster or death, or they demonize.

It felt as if he and the people mourned the dead and tearing their clothes and turn away the dust on their heads, that the governor infringe on the Sultan.

But felt as if he died crying behind the funeral of the ways they see is that the governor of pleasure.

It felt: it rejoices like a cry of joy severe, though crying shouting it shows calamity befalls him for the verse, “They Astrkhoun the” verse.

It felt: that the eye filled with tears rather than leaving it to him gets old money.

The tears of Vfarag cold cloud and warm against him, and that water was the right eye and entered it in the left marry his daughter or his son marry his daughter.

It felt: he cries and he laughs then this indicates that near to him the verse, “and that laugh and cry and it is Amat and revived.”

Some crossings: I like to cry to sleep unless the screaming, I tried so odd about a thousand times and did not see him but good and Vsha continues.


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