Vision of shivering




Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of shivering

The Shivering is not Mahmoud, it is felt that his head wobbles it harmful for the king, and trembled his neck, it would be weaker than bear the trust, and his shoulders trembled not have a dignity and Accessories.

It felt: that his hand trembled Vdik living.

It felt: that the chest tremble Vigtm from the words of hate.

It felt: that he gets his stomach began to tremble because of the hardship of his family.

It felt: that his back began to tremble Faisal harmful to those who claim to relevance and to turn to.

It felt: that his thigh tremble gets tired of his relatives.

It felt: that his leg tremble gets his damage on the one hand his relatives.

It felt: that all its members tremble, it indicates that fatigue due to intentional.

In all, the vision of trembling Members shall devolve on four aspects: Change and the weakness and fear distressed and harmful.

Vision lies

As for lying, for it shows the corruption in religion and blame in this world, and was lying on the shows lack of reason, especially if he sees that he is lying to God Almighty for saying that “those who invent lies against Allah will never prosper.”


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