Vision of sugar



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of sugar

 Ibn Sirin said: piece of sugar or a gentle word of a kiss.

 It felt: it shows much sugar on the money and grace.

 It felt: it sells sugar Fraaah commendable.

 It felt: that he had found it and bought sugar is not good.

 In all, the vision of sugar construed five aspects: a nice words and a kiss and the benefit and money and the children as much as what he saw of sugar.

 It felt: it eats sugar it and the grace of Almighty because of food the people of grace and good sugar anyway, whether he saw or eat it and told the plant to increase the derivation of his name.

And the vision of sugar for the child and the courts Ncah stability is very good. It was the vision of the collection of yellow gold sugar and white sugar and sugar collection dirhams Don without it and whenever he told bis in quality .


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