Vision of the bed


Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Bed: (Couch; Mattress; Sleeping pad) A bed without covers in a dream represents travels, a wife, honor or a high rank. Sitting on a bed in a dream means regaining power or authority over something one had lost control. If the bed has it covers on, then it means ruling over a group of hypocrites who live in heedlessness. If it is not covered, then it means a journey. If one sees himself wearing his shoes and sitting on his bed in a dream, it means that he will undertake a trip in the company of an ostentatious person. Sitting on a bed in a pleasant surrounding in a dream means honor and power. The covers of one’s bed in a dream represent his wife, his livelihood, or his mistress. Whatever stands on top of a bed represents one’s male children and whatever is hidden under it represents one’s female children. A bed in a dream also represents happiness, joy and dignity. It may also represent a wife, a ship, or a coffin. If one’s bed falls apart or breaks

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the bed

The bed is of two types: a small bed for nursing beds for seating and senior companions.

It felt: a small bed, it was his wife they carry, and that she was pregnant came as a reminder of the remembrance.

It felt: that in a small bed, shaking in which it aspires and commits committed by young children.

It felt: that shake the bed, it strives Salah in his children.

It felt: he sat down on a bed mattress, it does not have to travel, although the patients died, though it be a woman in her pleasure, and the release of their probably is.

It felt: that his bed broke Faúl go to his power and pride, but his wife died the death or life.

It felt: that the focus is his bed and was sick it shows bring him out.

The woman saw that her husband is not carried to her bed, they get married.

It felt: that sitting on a bed, the bed being construed stream bed and marriage, women and the purchase of the nation, and is said to the presidency on a people hypocrites.


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