Vision of the coffin and the coffin


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the coffin and the coffin

Of the opinion that he carry on his coffin rose and many out of money because the derivation of a good recovery and his vision of his name.

It felt: that he made with his hand that it is made known, and that is to do, especially if the master, and perhaps get the reward and the reward.

It felt: that it is not broken coffin Mahmoud.

The vision is better for the coffin and Bishara and wisdom.

And the vision of the new coffin glory and prestige and status and the extent .

It felt: that he had bought a coffin or give him or was it his home Azark king, wisdom and dignity and serenity of the verse, “The verse that comes to his coffin in which tranquility from your Lord.”

Some of them said that the coffin man’s wife and his shop saw it as whatever from Zain Sean Faúl or two .


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