Vision of the constraint



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the constraint

Construed as ways:

Abu Said said the preacher: registration in the interpretation of the stability of his vision is on the order in which good or evil, and was told that registration was taking the rope is constant on the order of religion to the verse, “And hold fast the rope of Allah all.”

Though the persistence of lead is not to be strong.

Although it is zero on the stability is hated.

Though the stability of silver to marry.

Though gold is money going back waiting for him.

Though the stability of the wood is in the hypocrisy and regardless.

Although the stability of wood was on the gossip.

Albeit from a string or rag in the stability is not fixed or permanent, and was told if he considers one of his legs in the Prince, it indicates a restriction on traveling from his kingdom and get Foreclosure in traveling, though the limitation on his feet, it shows for the state.

It felt: that his feet four restrictions it alive four children.

It felt: as if it is coupled in with a man who showed his vision on the acquisition of a big sin and fear retaliation by the Sultan of the verse, “and see the sinners that Day fettered in chains.” It was of the opinion that his feet a restriction of the junction it is for the benefit of the land, although the pencil to be benefit of Christians marrying people of the book, though of copper are benefiting from the Jews, though it is silver, it marries a woman, although it is gone, it indicates travel and disease.

It felt: that restricted a good and righteous people in it the stability of his religion.

Although the Sultan or his representative, it lasts in the judgment and mandate.

If he is sick or in prison, or it Mkroba long waited.

The matter was traveling or travel assesses about it.

Though the constraint of silver, it tested a woman.

Although it is gone it goes to him something.

Although it is zero or pencil or something like that counts, it is better and benefit more than what he meant in his journey.

Though iron was his excuse for the definitive vision and was tested many times the constraint did not see him but good and the more the weight restriction was greatest in the consistency and quality.

In all, the vision of limitation shall devolve on four aspects: heresy and hypocrisy and stinginess and keep from sin and the need to consider what the seer of good or evil


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