Vision of the Crown




Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the Crown

The crown is the king of kings and the Kingdom of increase and those without them Jah Almighty and women have a husband.

It felt: that the crown fell from his head or grabbed it called his wife.

It felt: that the crown is broken or a woman’s death from his home.

The woman saw the crown on her head did not have a husband, they married, though she has a husband and prevail over many women.

The woman saw that the crown was taken from the head of her husband take another wife, and fell from her head, the crown of her husband divorce her.

It felt: he put a crown on top of it reached the king from his good and honor.

And the vision of the Crown prestige and authority which a man a woman and for women the husband, though of gold and jeweled it shows that her husband is old and die quickly and inheritance at once and the man on the death of his wife quickly and inherited, and perhaps tyrannical and Gia.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I saw in a dream as if my head a crown of gold, he said that your father in exile, has gone blind Ford was a book so that it was said from where extracted an expression that said that the crown on the man’s head boss, who is one of his people, and being one of the Fidel went on to go about it is difficult and dearest thing to him his sight.


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