Vision of the knife



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the knife

The child with the knife, they interpreted and construed the cover of women.

It felt: that his hand a knife which his property was not with a weapon other he construed the child with, and whom he had another weapon it shows honor and power and status, and was told the knife argument for meaning in the story of Joseph peace be upon him “and paid each and every one of them a knife.”

It felt: that the knife in his hand vacuum is used, it is said to it and shows the intelligent Born Trades learn quickly and work with him.

It felt: it attracts the knife from his wife give birth its cover boy.

It felt: he gave the knife it is accompanied by a brother alive in God or money.

It felt: that it is slaughtered with a knife there is a counterpart of which is slaughtered bird or animal.

It felt: that explains his hand with a knife, he felt something surprised him.

It felt: it enters a knife in it Qrabha marry a woman.

In all, the vision of the knife construed eight ways: argument and a son and brother Zafar and recourse and the power and richness and conscience, mandate and razor


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