Vision of the leper and leper


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the leper and leper

Of the opinion that it Ojzm leper or receive money, and the grace and dignity to the verse, “As for man, if his Lord tests him Vokrema and grace.” Perhaps leprosy money and clothing.

The leprosy if it shed blood and pus capital Universal access is forbidden, and may be attributed to his leprosy was innocent of it is ugly, and perhaps down by the scourge in himself or his property or his dependents. It was a vision Alojzm and the leper and eating with them associated with the hated.

It felt: that it frustrates his leprous Bgraeth to God and accuse the order is not in it. It was of the opinion that if leprous prayer indicates that he forgets the Qur’an.


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