Vision of the neck and the shoulder


meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision of the neck and the shoulder

The neck and Alatqan Vemoda Secretariat and religion, but that the secretariat of Atakin from the secretariats of women, it is believed the increase in them without the body is the force Sahbhma on the performance of the Secretariat is of the opinion shortages which Vtobeirh against that is felt in the neck wound or pus indicates that Khan is as awarded him and saw a bird on the his neck, the bird was a welcome it is a good work though Dd the opposite is It felt in the neck copy of the Koran or strand it shows the credit and do the Covenant and the right is of the opinion that in the neck beard encircled and hates like him in real life it is not Mahmoud is of the opinion that his neck long or thicken it force and conquer the enemy was said to earn money and Justice and the Secretariat of


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