Vision of the universe


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the universe

Of the opinion that it is revolving Astronomy improve their living, and saw him standing there without a turnover against that.

It felt: that related to him by the versed it matter the order and produce it, and that could not be against that.

It felt: that astronomy is going or moving it travels from his home to another house.

Vision of the house the globe

Of the opinion that he entered it he is leading his people and shows them to science and succeed and be safe from the evil enemies.

It felt: that the house on the land subject of the globe it shows just accompany the king.

It felt: that he lived in the house frequented, it shows near him.

It felt: that he entered it, or do any kind of worship, it indicates to get his way.

It felt: a straight path from the ground to the globe and it shows the large number of pilgrims in that year.

It felt: that the House frequented, decorated or adorned by what he interpreted it and the results of system conditions in the right scientists.


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