Vision ordinances



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision ordinances

 The decrees, it shall devolve on the ways:

It is felt that with him it indicates a decree on the mandate and the strength of the decree by the health and strength .

 It felt: that the decree has been lost Vtaoelh otherwise.

 It felt: that his decree and gave him one, it indicates that the argument for the health and wisdom by the decree.

 It felt: that someone tore the decree, or steal it shows that his opponent invalidate his argument.

 It felt: a king gave a decree, it indicates that he gets from his state.

 It felt: that the judge gave him a decree it shows that science and wisdom.

 In all, the vision of ordinances shall devolve on six aspects: the state of the argument and the strength and wisdom and the benefit of the presidency of the people.


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