Vision tombs of the prophets and the righteous


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision tombs of the prophets and the righteous

Saw the tomb of the Prophet of prophets, for he is good, a blessing and said to be in his intercession, though a bachelor, married, and may be repentance.

It felt: he was looking in the tomb, it would be diligent in the work for which he was doing his shrine.

It felt: an accident in any way it Lixin in the canon. It was of the opinion that he was visiting the tomb of Moses, peace be upon him, it must be paradise.

It felt: that he was visiting the tomb of a prophet or prophets or righteous it Faraj worry and distress and the expiation for his sins, and was probably pilgrimage.

It felt: that he saw a shrine or a temple, it would be diligent in the request for pay, and may be Guenuaa.

It felt: that the creation of any of these places or the fragrance Azko religion and living pleasure, though it is discharged patients, and found that they come pregnant Bold.

It felt: the hate incidents like in real life is no good in it.

It felt: Pemmarstana it shows to see the place is organized by the conditions of people. It was felt that his income from it die a martyr, and probably indicates that the forgiveness of sins and a paper heart and compassion to create God.

It felt: he eats a bit of food a patient Alpemmarstanat is on three aspects: health or disease, and possibly the death of the patient.

It felt: the conditions of the people who are straight Alpemmarstanat Heading to wellness is good for Dd and saw them so he is against it.

It felt: an incident in which there is no goodness in it for me, and said to those who do.

In all, the vision Alpemmarstanat devolve on ten aspects: the world and a wise ruler and the comfort and healing, disease, madness and death on a doorman and a certificate and freeing.


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