Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is fabricated in a dream speech, because the tendons to pronounce such words, and if his vision of a religion and devout praise so that is okay, but not the debt is bad praise on himself, which is false. Albarbt and fun in a dream world and what is wrong.The click indicates the property of, or Sharif of his gig Izz. The more remember his disturbed.
It felt that it plays the Albarbt at his home, they calamity, and smiteth a man is the head of the owners of falsehoods.
It felt it hits something door Imam of amusements without cliques Kalaud and mandolins and cymbals won the mandate and authority that was eligible for it.
It felt it hits Barbta afflicted kind of grief. Albarbt and shows on the whims of the people and Ibatilhm. Felt that with the flute or a drum Albarbt calamity, they afflict the people of that place.

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