Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Bishara is in a dream of living in, if he is immature they are. And grilled lamb fat lot of money, though it is tiny and had a little money when tired. BBQ lamb and eat it eat its cake and son. And security of BBQ beef afraid, even if it came to him pregnant Bold said. And grilled calf Rizk and fertile. BBQ and Capricorn indicates male child is eating. And everything is under fire in wake of income is in a dream in which a sin.And sentences grilled male child, which is safe from fear, or is born polite.
It is believed that the arm roast camel spoke to him he escapes doom. Meat and poultry grilled or cooked Rizk is the capital of chagrin or treachery. And grilled flank reflects women because Eve created from Adam’s side in peace be upon them. And arm roast mature woman Rizk plotted out, though it is the absence of immature. It bought a piece of grill it hires laborer. It was Grilling them, melancholy or haraam wealth.
It felt that it Shui ram disease, or tortured by the Sultan or prison, and Shui sheep became ill with his wife or his mother, and Shui seriously wounded his son or servant pox.
and perhaps Del grilling on the gospel out of the narrow, victory over enemies If roast beef, but a camel is indicated by the good old wedding Bmaafah disease and marriage of bachelors and the arrival of the traveler.
and perhaps listen to Del grilling, or the grace and rob and plunder prison funds.



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