Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Different herbs in a dream and use of different smells, they indicate the relief of worries and the good work and sincere promise. The Dead of the neighborhood gave Rihanna or saw him, it indicates that it is in heaven. Single and basil for a wife, wife and child, or science is characterized by, or praise is beautiful.
and perhaps Del entry basil on man in a dream to worry and bile, and probably indicates that the disease because it offers the patient. And the meeting of water and greenery in a dream of the disappearance of evidence concerns. And Ahamahm not good to see if it is entered on the patient D to his death because of it Ouhm bath. As well as all herbs show a near time of death, and perhaps indicated by the epidemic.And basil Alsaatari shows what is needed of why the human written. And basil growing out if it is mentioned in a beautiful place and the words pleased him. And sweat basil Born said.
It felt on his head a crown of basil, it cuts off if the ruler. Basil and seller’s concerns. If they cut basil was seen to refer to all their grief and, if they were seen in place indicate a break or a husband or a son.
It felt Rihanna was raised to the sky from one side of the ground it world the death of those terms. Indicates Basil, but on the child that was growing out in the orchard. And indicates that the women had gathered in the package. And demonstrates the catastrophe if the lump is misplaced on the table that were not smell him. It was basil woman, classed as gracious, and smell his love for her. If deemed Mpsuta basil in the house he is a man praise him. If the man threw another man Brihan Valtagafh another man, the Almmeltagaf it enters their grief.
and saw others sitting in the mosque and basil around him, that his absence and mentioned to him that is not in it. Rihani and satisfied man in a dream of woes, Saber on the fate and destiny.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See basil

It felt basil plant in the position it would be a boy and that he saw Mgulwah have developed in house or the other and Kulailha Kterha are weeping and mourning, and saw and was told the Ace, it affects the good

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision basil

 The basil and green Balatranji know if the color and scent it shows a good boy and Castle from the ground crying and sadness.

 In all, the vision of basil devolve on seven aspects: a woman and a slave boy and a friend and talk of good and the Council of Science and workmanship is good.

 It felt: in his garden at his home or Rihanna it gets him the benefit of the above.

But saw it as what it is adorned, or tainted return what has been mentioned .

 It felt: that he sells in his time Rihanna is Mahmoud and his time is not Mahmoud.

 It felt: Rihanna in his time it shows a man accompanying his words of genuine intrinsic good.

 It felt: that he give up Rihanna separates it from a genuine man.

 As for erythema basil, Ibn Sirin said: he saw the wet and its color well and a good scent, it indicates the glory and honor, and that he saw Mabla it shows dieback, and was told basil erythema indicates the boy and Castle indicates weeping and grief.

 In all, the vision of basil erythema construed six ways: pride, honor and a son and a friend and the words of Hassan and the Council of Science and knowledge, said Jamil.

And the vision of basil and the like in the position of vegetation without being interpreted Mgulwah child with, and he said some Arabs: Rihank your child, though he saw Mgulwah, has been developed in house or in front of it and are sadness and crying .

Some of them said that it is her own woman Rihaneh he marries a woman, but the band is located between them sooner, has been said in the news :

Women are demons are created us … We seek refuge with Allah from the Kid Devils

Vojpinh :

The women Basils are created you … and you all long for basil

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