Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



He saw in a dream of a beautiful line, it shows on science, and provision of guidance and perhaps Berktha Basmalah shown on the child and grandchild to post comments to each other.
and possibly shown to recognize what has happened to multiple letters. Indicate on a quest to marry.
and perhaps indicated by the guidance after misguidance. I wrote the line in a dream, her scenes got blessed with a beautiful and good in his industry or his knowledge. If they are dead by the mercy of God.
and perhaps written on the profit shown in the implant. But wiped out after the script and hijacked a bird is indicated by running out of life seer and vacuum his living, and this is measured from the books on his hands something from the Koran or other, it was said that Hassan bin Ali may Allah be pleased with him saw in a dream, written on his forehead {the forenoon, and at night when it darkens } . He raised it to Said ibn al-Musayyib, he said O son of the Messenger of Allah, and ask forgiveness recommended, Vvariq lower after night. The read Basmalah in prayer, and the doctrine left Basmalah in prayer, Fbsmmelth the evidence of the commission of religion did not need it, and probably indicates that the tendency to the father without the mother, and mother without a father, or preferably years to impose, or naafil a year, or heresy the desirable. It is what I wrote him in a dream, it was written in gold on the provision and shown interest in acts of worship or repair the good times, and perhaps indicated by the above beautiful and good Hereafter. He considered what I wrote him of pens, line is Mazda money bird, the line investigator to achieve the hoped for, the line attributed to the conditions of proportional and the line of copy isolate, and the line brutal includes something Taúla, line of poetry shows the negligence and passion, and line Rihani hypocrisy, line dusty disease in the eye. He wrote what he is, the signature line Victaptha glory and victory and write a line Alorach trials, it is not clear from the written something, it is evidence of coloration in the doctrine or belief. As for what is written by the pens of exotic Kalabrani and Syriac, Indian, and so it is evidence of dinars and foreign spouses, concubines or slaves, or intimacy with strangers. By the iron is indicated by the strength and consistency in the provision and things. Though by a pen of silver, was as pen usual indicated mediate cases, especially if by by winding or a contract, though the pen straight Well is indicated by position of Galilee or science, work is done in a dream, it is in Kagd probably do really well, or follow the duty, even in slavery sought by the application of inheritance, though woven in red, yellow, or white received the joy and pleasure, though in woven green certificate received from Him. And written or light gold Bishara. And see the dots and figure in the Basmalah in a dream The indicated Basmalah the wife Venqtha and shape of her wealth and apparatus, and her children and Asmtha, and indicated the money was zakaah useful, although shown to the prayer that was universal laws, and showed the country was that her family and notables of scientists and virtuous and employers Trades of the parish and shops winner. Considered accents and vision in a dream Flama monument position, and mark the cut insulation, and a sign of lifting height or death or workspace, and a sign of connecting link, and mark boots boots in things, and a sign of stress shortness of things, indigestion, what income Basmalah of these signs attributed to the religion seer or worldly affairs, as well as the lack of, it felt Basmalah reverse order, as one who makes the Merciful Almighty place name or provide the name of Allaah on the name, and he did so in a dream guide to recant their religion or doctrine, or that he prefers slaves on the silks, or it puts is known in his family. By the other and wiped himself indicates that the veto of the Covenant, and apostasy from Islam, or that he has spared, including science and money. The seer was doing so in a dream he was sick, he heals, though a sinner repents Vinh, probably married and had a good kids or profit from trade.
It felt that he had read in a dream, the name of Allah the Merciful, Allah the Almighty put Barakah in his wealth.



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