Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a faithful messenger in a dream, and a sincere friend, Habib Anis.
and perhaps indicated by the wives Almsonat Alhafedhat secrets.
and perhaps Del bathroom on the toilet, which is death. And shows a woman with Kids, or the man Alkthiralnsl, Almnekv of his family. Shows to see pigeons lamentations. Poultry and pigeon woman a good Arab girls and their eggs, or neighbors, and the tower complex women, sons and her chicks. And the roar of the dove rebuke a man to a woman, and white, including religion, devout, green, and black pillows, and Wheatear Tkhalat owners. It is no longer alienated Hmamth it to divorce his wife or die. The doves had the pilot and his wives beside me does not spend them, cut the wing of the house. Dove and ongoing Arab, Ibn Sirin Almighty God’s mercy as news comes from afar. The pigeon woman beloved be free or a nation.
It felt that ongoing slaughter Dove married a virgin. The Dove one is born of progress.
and saw that it was from eating the meat was Dalala. And doves with Avrakhhen captivity with their children.
It felt that it affects the fish pools money from the supervision of men. And it was said of the bathroom saw it does not ask anything from God only gave him. Saw that the dove at his home, seer and single, he marries a woman beautiful and friendly. And be a housewife to her husband house approval. The dove and saw that it was proved to him or flew him flying it receives pleasure or joy, and with good grace. And it was said of the opinion that he became a pigeon eating capital of his enemies, and pigeon show news emergency and writers, because they convey the news in the book, which is good news for those who were in distress, or it is absent if the came plane to it, but be patient and fall upon it Hamaam death, nor especially if the doves and mourn at his head. Perhaps the dove Nepta. The best bathroom green.
It is seen in Ein dove shortage is a shortage in the religion of his wife and created.
and saw that it was aimed at a dove he shot a woman or corresponded words bad.
and saw that it was struck from the eggs of the bathroom, it affects women money and kids female.
It felt that hunting bath waged, it affects women forbidden.
and saw that it was feeding dove, it teaches the woman talk, and knows him.
It felt pigeon or bird over his head, or on his shoulder, or strapped to his neck, it shows his work between him and his Creator. The bird was black ugly scene indicates that the Qublh work and corruption of his religion. Although the white color indicates that good looks on the good work and good faith.
It is considered that of the blades hit the bathroom or to Hmoumha dirhams and it affects a lot of good. [See Lunar].

. bathroom

Of income are afflicted to keep him by the women, because the bathroom place burdens, and his name is derived from the BEST. Use the warm water rights which are Faisiba by women or sick. It was said that washing with hot water for it in the bathroom, it was in distress and entered the bathroom came out of distress, it was taken in the bathroom a council, it set off a woman who is famous for his command, because the bathroom into awrah, the children of a bath, it comes indecency, and commonly it so. The bathroom was warm, the soft-law and his family and his wives Qrapat agree with him, associates and awe him. If it is cold, they do not come into contact with, and benefit from them, although the very hot, they are ruthless natures, did not see them pleasure to of need, the saw that it was in the house warm, has opened up the water from its course, he wants to Asdh not Ansd, the man who betrays him to his wife, he strives to stop him not preparing for it. The filled basin was water from the house a warm home to East, it is angry with his wife.
It felt that he had entered Hamahama is evidence fever Navd.
is of the opinion that he drank out of the house a warm hot water, or pour it or wash it in the form of washing is the cloud are, disease, and panic of the jinn as the hottest water. The drink of the house is East Fever Salb. The drink of the house cold Brsam it. And if he sees that he showered and lime, take showers, bathroom and let the lime, it is stronger in interpretation. The saw in the camp shower is unknown, there is a woman approach her ​​people.
and saw that it was washed in the bathroom afflicted g of the enemy, and possibly the patient.
and saw that it was spent to build a bathroom toilet. And pigeons indicates that hell.And the values ​​of the bathroom shows Khasenh, and demonstrates the House’s ruling and values ​​of the judge, indicating the woman and values ​​her husband or a knitter, and demonstrates the harlot and values ​​of man Dyot, and demonstrates the prison and values ​​of the warden, and indicates the sea and the values ​​of the President of the vessel and its director, and perhaps Del bathroom on the role of evil and strife .
It felt himself in the bathroom or saw others it into the fire and intimate, the wash with it, and wear clothes white, other than usual, and rode Mrcopa do not fit, it was washed and the shroud and coffin, though in winter there is the fear by the strokes, the view that inside the house to warm against the actual progress. The community is home to those who sat where the disease indicative of the centrality of his illness. Is not none of that was the man single married, or attended a feast or a funeral, and he was of fuss and the mob and Ghamomen and concerns such as that be in the bathroom, but voters were distress of the cause of women, and combines it Vtnalh distress of the cause of worldly wealth when the governor because it is the flow water and sweat.
and perhaps del race especially on the worry and fatigue and disease with distress the bathroom and temperature, it was detached from his clothes, the matter with his wife, being it is authorized to bath him, if it Bothoabh the matter in terms of foreign or some incest mother and daughter and sister.
It felt that he had entered the bathroom of a channel or small power in the door, or was with him a lion or lions or a monster or crows or snakes, they woman enters it in suspicion, and then meet with the people of evil and immorality of the people. D. and bathroom on the Ledra Science, Rabat and the mosque and the market, and demonstrates the repentance of the punk, and the guidance of a stray, and the rich to the poor, healing the patient. The seer was married but single sacked if he is poor, and washed with water on his clothes in good plagued with a prostitute and spoil committed by his religion and religion because of it. But felt dead in the bathroom, and was in the house temperature, indicates that it demands, including the consequences of it, especially if clothed with impure or if exposed genitals. The felt as if he came out of the bathroom and upon cloth of good or smell good this indicates that God may forgive him and pardoned him.
It felt the same during the day and the stars surrounding him or on his head indicates that that enters the bathroom, it was found in a dream, intense heat or cold very the intensity of voters were in the bathroom that enters it. The women mingled with men in the bathroom is indicated by the different conditions and breaking habits and falling into the heresies and suspicion, and perhaps indicates that the captivity is located in that country men and women to mingle and learn about their loins. The saw bath water became blood and people Andhon it on their bodies, indicates that the injustice of the king to them in their money, or injustice scientists to the public in the shedding of taboos Kaftr day of fasting, or fasting the day of doubt, or standing at Arafah in is the day, or Friday prayer before dying and so on.
and perhaps Del bathroom on the church because it Mazan elves and the devil.
and perhaps Del bathroom Single to the wife. It took a bath it home to Egypt sins. It entered the bath and washed out of him and they came out of the woman or religion.And the bathroom a dark prison, and a safe bathroom woman is no good in it. Rat Kaftr day of fasting, or fasting the day of doubt, or standing at Arafah in is the day, or Friday prayers before the meridian and the like.
and perhaps Del bathroom on the church because it Mazan elves and the devil.
and perhaps Del bathroom Single for the wife. It took a bath it home to Egypt sins. It entered the bath and washed out of him and they came out of the woman or religion.Bathroom and a dark prison, and a safe bathroom where a woman is no good.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Bathroom: (Lavatory; Toilet) In a dream, a bathroom represents the nest of impurities or the seat of sufferings. If one enters it in his dream it means that he will be struck with distress caused by women. For heat and pruriency may develop in one’s privacy inside the bathroom. If a person in distress comes out of the bathroom in his dream, it means relief from his depression. (Also see Bathhouse; Toilet)

meanings by Al ahsaai


Vision bathroom

It felt that it builds a bath, it builds a woman is of the opinion that he entered the bathroom he fall ill, they or g or rage as a free bathroom and consequences to the good of what was washed with hot water, the wash so the worry and grief the most powerful may be a worry and anger by the women and saw that it was bathed in bathroom or other cold water out of it and they all stress and illness is of the opinion that he stole his clothes in the bathroom when a man at odds with the Sultan

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of bathrooms

Del saw a bath of the worry and sadness and washing the joy and pleasure, the water was a moderate is a good, albeit very hot so Vdd.

It felt: that Lenore Bannoura in the bathroom and cleaned and washed his body, if he was scared or in distress or in debt or weak it Faraj of all mentioned, but it was of a capital decrease in the money, but did not wash the lime from the body is not his.

It felt: that drinking hot water in the bathroom, it weakens a fever or illness Barsam.

It felt: that in the bath Harth it appears there is a woman obscene.

In all, the vision of the bathroom devolves on six aspects: a woman and distressed debt, disrupt, and the ratification and loan, and possibly shown to the vision of women’s bathroom or a large value of the house.

It felt: it has become a bath, it marries a woman beautiful.

The woman saw it, they become erythematous seeking the goodness and benefits of its affairs .

It felt: it builds a bath he marry a woman.

It felt: that he entered the bathroom, it affects them and the mines and incensed as much free and consequences to the good of what was washed with water heated, it frequently worry and sadness, and may be by women, although the water was cold, indicated by the survival of all evil, and perhaps Del go to the bathroom to enter the prison or evil or disease as much as this is a free.

It felt: it goes in the bathroom from one place to another, it moves from event to event, and said strip in the bathroom are by women.

It felt: that his clothes in the bathroom they get it by his mother or sister or a female kin.

It felt: that he entered the women in the bath he commits prohibited.

It felt: that he came to a bath did not enter it and find a man and is located between the two evil.

It felt: that in the bathroom and stole his thing when a man contend it is the Sultan.

It felt: that he entered and found him a warm bath can not stay by it fall ill, they are very distressed as free.

It felt: that he entered the bathroom and found him cold get from the residence where damage is no good in it.

It felt: bath water clean and has hot, humid and cold and has a moderate service there is nothing wrong if this was what he intended Purity did not see what he hates in the science of expression.

It felt: that he entered the bathroom and found it dirty or what he hates the presence of like him in the bathroom, it over-concern.

It felt: SINS Mkhovat women in the bath, it shall be construed in two ways: the lack of religion and commit haraam.

The bath house of the Sultan, it is a joyless income Farajallah his main concern.

It felt: that he showered on his vision expressed by the good and the girls bathroom Khalawi woman.

The ponds and streams and water bowls and the bowl they are women Anzbn to the bathroom of machines feminine.

It felt: that he entered the bathroom and found what can not be entered is not permissible for him, the kind liked it quite a bit, but hated it and there is nothing good was said Gama open, or energy of the bathroom doors or lack of worry and grief.

The chimney does not praise the vision to reflect prefectural oppressor who eats people’s money unjustly.

It felt: that he lives near the fireplace, it is home to people who let them persist in mischief and corruption.

It felt: that he took something from his fire, it affects the money from any forbidden face of it, and threw something in the governor Agrema nothing.

It felt: that it is an imbalance in the chimney of corruption against the governor and harmful.

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