Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Indicate his vision in a dream, or go to the description of his living and to the faith promiscuous. And the disruption of prayer and the undervaluation and the balance in double and eat. Usury and not purity. And see el barley show a man loves the world.But felt that the sale to take dirhams or dinars or sold by the giving that there is nothing wrong. Demonstrating spinning and seller of travel. Expensive clothes, and el prices with the Secretariat of His Majesty, and has a risk and did not take down what price to sell it. El and fruit, fruits, and so a man would prefer his religion to this world, tired a lot in the request for his living. El and basil His grief and crying that he is a reader or the Koran. And el Nkhas slain birds. El and the lead is weak.


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