Bear by Ibne serin Bear: (Mammal) In a dream, a bear represents someone with a physical infirmity, who is evil, deceitful, perfidious and betraying. A bear in a dream also repre-sents a dull and a heavy looking woman who takes pleasure in partying, uninhibitedness and enjoying all types of entertainment. Seeing a bear in a dream also means capture or imprisonment, or he could represent a stupid enemy, a thief, an effeminate person, or a trickster. If one sees himself riding over a bear in a dream, should he qualify, it means that he will manage a loathsome business. Otherwise, it means that he will be struck with fear and distress, then he will escape from his trials. A bear in a dream also means travels, returning from a journey or he could represent a prostitute. If one has access to such a woman, he must beware not to commit adultery.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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  1. Asslamualkium .. I saw a bear in my dream and the bear colour was brown . In dream I was talking to bear and bear was warning me . I saw this dream in morning time .Can you please tell what does it mean .

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