Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream woman. It sold the bed, his wife divorced, although the patient will die.And bedding under way, a comfort, Cork bed a woman’s obedience to her husband and Ankiedha him, and a capacity of good created, and his grandmother novelty though the bed of wool or hair or cotton is a rich woman, but it was Dibaj is a woman Zoroastrianism, though white is a religious woman, though Black is working in accordance with not pleasing God, but green, it a woman of faith and worship and rituals.
It felt that he had bought a bed married woman, though the bedding is new, the women beautiful, and the rupture of bedding a woman is corrupt is not religious, but felt the bed shift from its position he called his wife, but felt that the Sultan on the door of his bed, it takes the state seriously. D. and bedding for the child for saying peace be upon him «the boy to bed» , and saw the goodness in his bed or corrupt or increase or decrease in the Vtaoal his wife. The view with bed bed last he marries another woman.
and saw that it was rolled up his bed, placed him hand it away from his wife.
and saw that it was sleeping on a mattress, it is safe, which is afraid, and may be unaware of the religion, and sleep negligence.



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